iOS software developer based in Sheffield, UK. If you have an app idea or need an app for your service, site, charity, event, business or anything else, please use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

Looking for Welsh Voice Over artist? Look no further, I have extensive experience in recording voice overs for commercials, video games, short films and more in both English and Welsh.

You can see my gig on Fivver here or contact me using the form at the bottom of the page.

My apps


                                                                 I love to design and build iOS apps and currently have 4 apps in the App Store.

- The grit bin finding and reporting app for iPhone, allows you to locate the nearest grit bin and report any damage or request re-filling easily to the council.

- The fishing venue app. Find new fishing venues in the UK along with their location, contact information and useful info.

Crunch Time:Situp Logger - THE simplest sit up recording app on the App Store! Looking to get those abs in shape, tone up, loose fat?
Crunch Time: Situp Logger lets you track your crunches in the simplest way possible. Crunch Time is designed to be the most easy to use situp log out there.

Bodrum Barber App - Bodrum Barber - The most authentic Turkish Barber in Sheffield.
Want to show your barber your next fresh trim, use the app to add images of your favourite hairstyle and show them to your barber. Keep up to date with all the latest opening times, prices and pictures from the barber shop!

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